Infrastructure and Learning Resources

The college ensures optimal allocation and utilization of the available financial recourses for maintenance and upkeep of different facilities by holding regular meetings of various committees constituted for this purpose and using the grants received the college as per the requirements in the interest of students. Laboratory maintenance account is maintained by lab technicians, Lab In charge and supervised by HODs of the concerned departments. Repairing and maintenance of sophisticated lab equipment’s are done by the technicians of related owner enterprises. Regarding the Library, The requirement and list of books is taken from the concerned departments and HOD’s are involved in the process. The finalized list of required books is duly approved and signed by the Principal. To ensure return of books, ‘no dues’ from the library is mandatory for students before appearing in exam. Other issues such as weeding out of old titles, schedule of issue/ return of books etc. Are chalked out / resolved by the library committee. Regarding the maintenance of sports equipment the college sports in charge is deputed. During the session 2018-19 college participated in weight lifting, Kabaddi, Chess, Silambam Kampu. During 2018-19 sports are organized by college. Each Department is given appropriate computer for their requirements with internet facilities. For Classrooms, the college has various committees for maintenance and upkeep of infrastructure. At the departmental level, HODs submit their requirements to the Principal regarding classroom furniture and other. Administrative officers will take in charge for student’s academic requirements. Additionally, there is a lab instructor in every department, who maintains the stock register by physically verifying the items round the year. Department wise annual stock verification is done by concerned Head of the Department. Regular maintenance of Computer Laboratory equipments is done by Laboratory Assistant along with Laboratory attendant and they are headed by the faculty in charge. Regular cleaning of water tanks, proper garbage disposal, pest control, landscaping and maintenance of lawns is done by Institute concern Employees. College campus maintenance is monitored through regular inspection. Updating of software’s is done by lab assistants. Regular maintenance of the water cooler and water purifier is done regularly.

| Infrastructure

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