Student Support and Progression

Students with academic competencies are nominated as Class representatives and Students representative are nominated for Cultural, Sports, N.S.S, N.C.C etc. This is the form of the composition of the Student Council. Student Volunteers disseminate information from College administration and other committees to all students. They assist the teachers in planning, organizing and executing various student oriented activities. They act as mediators between students and teachers to share, discuss and Solve their problems, if any and have free access to the Principal. Students actively participate in cultural activities by promoting our customs and traditions. They take initiative in organizing events as varied and diverse as Pongal celebration, women’s day celebration etc. Students also take active part in conducting Days like Traditional Day, Teacher’s Day, Farewell functions and also take the responsibility of maintaining discipline on the Campus. N.S. S is one of the active units in our college that enhances the social and interpersonal skills of the students. Students are involved in planning and executing the year long activities of N.S. S including the field work. Students also show lot of enthusiastic support in innovative practices and best practices of the college, that include participation in activities related to gender consciousness, gender equity, our college also takes pride in engaging the students in value- added courses that help in creating a socially, ethically responsible citizen. They also work as conscious citizens by promoting environmental awareness through preparation of projects and environment related activities. Students avail of the opportunity of developing the soft skills that enhance their employability and make them more confident and presentable. All these practices show the active engagement of our students in all the activities that can lead them to over all personality development and enhance their communicative and professional skills. On various committees of the college, the representation has been given to the students.