Teaching-Learning and Evaluation

The college practices a teaching methodology which focuses on imparting education through a student centric approach. This methodology helps to transform students from being relegated to the role of passive recipients to active and involved stake holders, apart from boosting their confidence and encouraging independence. Since students vary in their ability to comprehend and absorb it is not possible to address the needs and expectations of individual students and expect a uniform learning outcome from them all in a teacher centric class. The teacher facilitates learning by allowing each individual student to comprehend at their personal level. By ensuring their involvement in class activities so that they can absorb and grasp information at their own pace. Teachers make classes as interactive as possible and encourage innovative thought and novel interpretations. Audio- Visual methodology, Language Lab, Google Classroom, Industrial Visits, Field Work and Projects are some of the means used by departments to boost student participation. Students are encouraged to reflect and analyse by eliciting responses to the subject under discussion. Discussions and debates on contemporary issues are encouraged and students get an opportunity to express and air their views apart from learning to respect perspectives of the other. Guest lectures are organized and competitions held to involve students in activities that help to exhibit and hone their talents. Extracurricular activities like participation in NSS and NCC have been introduced to encourage students participate and learn. Internal assessments are so planned so as to encourage students to work independently. Written Assignments are required to be submitted by students and these need to be done individually by researching on the given topic so as to enhance confidence, develop writing skills and hone style, apart from inculcating an interest in research activities. Seminars, which form the second component of internal assessment, help students present their assignments before the entire class helping them overcome stage fear and develop oratory prowess.